Arabic Language Courses for Young Learners from Iqra’a in Dubai

Arabic for Business



No matter what industry your company operates in, having employees who can understand and confidently speak with clients in Arabic is always an added advantage. With that in mind, Iqra’a offers tailor-made Arabic courses to institutions and businesses in various sectors including government departments, banks, schools, healthcare providers etc.

Once we have identified your company’s specific needs and objectives, Iqra’a will craft and deliver a customized course that could cover anything from basic conversation to advanced writing skills, basic email writing, customer service and more. After completing our course, not only will your employees have acquired new linguistic skills, they will also have a new sense of confidence that will inevitably increase their productivity in the work place.

Our clients have included: Dubai Chamber, Emirates Airline,, IKEA, Airbus, Chrysler, Deloitte, Dubai Ambulance, GEMS Education, Dubai Airports, Chrysler & DEWA.